How to Save on Energy Using Electric Baseboard Heating

Date: 27 FEB posted by Mark Rivkin

If you're receiving constantly rising energy bills each month without any obvious reason, the problem can be not about your home appliances but with the home itself. Even though you're using a high quality and properly working electric baseboard heating system you may lose up to 31% of the warm air through walls, floors, and ceilings. The warm air can also escape through ducts, the fireplace, plumbing fixtures, windows and doors. To ensure that your electric baseboard heating system works properly it's highly recommended to check up your insulation and sealing, read

The first thing you'll need to do to save on your energy is to ensure that your thermostat is properly set on the heater. Leaving your house for a few days or just spending a night in another place, it's better to turn down your thermostat to a lower level. It's advised not to turn off the heater completely as it will have to work twice as hard after being turned off. It means that it will require twice as much energy when being turned on in the morning. Leaving your house for a vacation, set the heater manually at 60 degrees.

If you wish to save your money and decrease the amount of wastes, make sure that your baseboard heating system is clean and has no dust. Substances blocking the vents can cause the device to use more electric energy. To avoid it you'll need to ensure that your heating system is Energy Star compliant. Pay attention to the anti-freeze function with which your heater is obviously equipped. It will turn the device on if the temperature of the room reaches the lowest level set before.

Energy Efficient Heating Systems

Some of the most energy efficient systems are electric baseboard heaters due to their ability to keep a room at a definite temperature level. For instance, the Fahrenheit PHH15002 Oil Filled Electric Baseboard Heater will be perfect for your home as it's able to keep a room warm up to 150 square feet. This model offers a number of safety features which are especially important for offices, bedrooms, and living rooms. This heater is equipped with two heating levels as well as a built in electric thermostat. It has to be mentioned that the heater is notable for ease in installation and isn't too bulky for the area.

The next model of baseball heating systems is a wonderful option for large and spacious areas. So, if you are looking for such a device, pay attention to the Marley PLF504 Electric Hydronic Baseboard Heater. Its length is twenty-eight inches and it can perfectly blend in almost any interior and furniture. This model can be mounted on the wall being raised from the floor. This is the proprietary technology that is used in this electric baseboard heater. Due to it the room can be well warmed with the usage of a freeze-proof liquid.

Secondly, if you want to save on energy, simply don't warm up a room when there is nobody in it. The Dayton UG01 Portable Electric Baseboard Heater is able to solve this problem in the most rational way. This heating system is known for its compactness and wonderful style that can perfectly blend in with any decor. This unit has many safety features, such as tip-proof and auto shutoff mechanisms.

Choosing an energy efficient baseboard heating system, it is recommended to define the delivery facilities of your house, as well as the space you need to be warmed up. You'll start loving even a cold winter with the electric baseboard heating system!