Door Locks and Latches - Important Door Accessories

Date: 06 DEC posted by Mark Rivkin

Is your home in safety? How durable are your door accessories to secure your door and home property? Per individual as well as the homeowner wishes to have his property secured. If you have a door locks and latches in your house, be sure it will help you to secure your property. It is known that this product of Architectural Ironmongery have been used hundreds of years ago. It is also the fact that it was developed in the Egyptian, Greek, and Roman Civilization.

It is worth to admit that Architectural Ironmongery products were used all through the day in our own times. These materials are almost encountered by us daily. It happens the same as with door locks and latches. We use them every time while getting in and out of the house. In order to know better how door locks and latches are made of, as well as their history and usage, we offer you the information given below.

To begin with, door lock is a mechanical or electrical device. It is used for enclosed property, which includes, the door of your house, or vehicle. It may be mechanical in a way that it can be released by using key and electrical by using remote control to release the door locks. It has passed about 4000 years since wooden locks and keys were developed. What do we use these days? It is for sure modern locks. The material it can be made of is stainless steel, brass or chrome.

Today different types of locks are distinguished. The Pin-Tumbler Locks are mostly used in the Western World. It has been around since 2000B.C. The main characteristics of this lock are that they are large, heavy, and made of wood with pins made of metal usually bronze but sometime iron.

The Wafer Locks are the next type. It is also known as Disc Tumbler Lock. The automobiles and cabinetry are the places where this type is often used. Normally it is made of die-casted zinc alloy.

The Lever Locks is the next type. This type was invented in Europe in the 17th century. It is built of a very strong materials and a popular lock type of safety. Some countries use this door lock very often.

In order to join two or more objects together we may use door latches, which is a type of mechanical fastener. It allows as well for the regular or eventual separation of the objects. It differs a lot from the door locking mechanism of door and windows.

Another piece of hardware on the other mounting surface was also typically engaged by door latches. A wide variety of door latches are presented nowadays.

We draw your attention to the first type which is called Slam Latch. It uses spring and is by slamming of the door. The mechanism of Slam Latch is to hold the door closed. It is considered to be the perfect choice for industrial and construction application.

Another type is Cam lock. It is characterized with a base and a cam. What is the base? It is the place where the key is used to rotate the cam.

These were the most common latches together with deadbolt latch, spring latch and rotary latch.